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Porsche Repair & Service

At Shores Automotive, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch Porsche repair services in Boca Raton, FL. Our team of certified technicians specializes in maintaining the performance and luxury of your Porsche, whether it’s the latest model or a classic. From routine maintenance to complex diagnostics and repairs, we ensure your vehicle receives the precise care it deserves.

Engine Diagnostics and Performance

Understanding the heart of your Porsche is key to our service philosophy. We use advanced diagnostic tools to accurately troubleshoot issues and optimize your vehicle’s performance. Whether you own a dynamic 911, a luxurious Panamera, or a versatile Macan, we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of your model, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Brake Services

The braking system of your Porsche is crucial for your safety and requires expert attention. At Shores Automotive, we provide comprehensive brake services including pad replacement, fluid changes, and rotor resurfacing. Our meticulous approach ensures that your Cayenne, Boxster, or 718 performs safely under all driving conditions.

Transmission Repair

A Porsche’s transmission is a masterpiece of automotive engineering that demands expert care. We specialize in both manual and automatic Porsche transmissions, offering repair, maintenance, and complete overhaul services. Trust us to maintain the agility and responsiveness of your vehicle, whether you’re driving a sporty 911 or a stately Panamera.

Electrical System Services

Modern Porsches are equipped with sophisticated electrical systems that control everything from navigation to climate control. Our technicians are skilled in addressing all electrical issues, ensuring that every component functions as designed. From simple fixes to complex rewiring, we keep your Porsche’s technology performing flawlessly.

Scheduled Maintenance and Inspections

Regular maintenance is vital to preserving the high performance and longevity of your Porsche. We offer comprehensive inspection and maintenance services that adhere to Porsche’s recommended intervals. Whether it’s a routine oil change or a detailed inspection, our team ensures that every aspect of your vehicle meets our exacting standards.

Porsche Repair Near Me

As experts in Porsche repair in Boca Raton, FL, Shores Automotive is committed to providing the highest quality service for your Porsche. We understand the unique needs of various Porsche models, and our goal is to ensure that your vehicle continues to deliver the performance and comfort you expect. Contact us today to schedule a service and experience the best in Porsche care.

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