Ways to Maximize Your Mercedes’ Brake Life in Boca Raton

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Ways to Maximize Your Mercedes’ Brake Life in Boca Raton

Although Mercedes is a brand that prides itself on quality in its construction and materials, eventually, all parts will break with time and a lot of wear and tear. One part of your vehicle that may wear down sooner than the others is your brakes. This is due to the constant use and function of the brakes, as well as the conditions under which they are engaged.

Ways to Maximize Your Brake Life

There are some steps you can take to extend the life of your Mercedes’ brakes as long as possible.

Ease Off the Brakes

Two-footing” your pedals, also called “shielding” your brakes, is where your left foot sits over your brakes while your right foot is on the accelerator. This practice can lead to tapping your brakes, which wear down your brakes without improving your driving experience.

Furthermore, if you know that you have a stop coming up, such as at a stop light or stop sign, start slowing down early. Waiting until the last second to stop, especially if you slam on your brakes hard, can damage your brakes and wear them down faster.

Don’t Speed

Going too fast too much of the time can actually be detrimental to your brakes as well as your safety. In order to slow you down, your brakes work by turning all of that kinetic energy into heat by way of engaging your wheels. The faster you go, the longer and/or harder you have to press on the brakes in order to stop. This causes them to grind down over time.

Coast When You Can

This is especially true for stop-and-go traffic or high-speed situations when you have to apply the brakes harder or more often. If you can safely coast between stop lights, down hills, and around corners rather than applying the brakes to slow down, doing so can save your brakes more wear than is necessary.

Flush Your Brakes

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you’ll want to have your brakes flushed every one to three years. This is especially true for older cars, or vehicles that are driven under less than ideal conditions. The flushing process will remove bad brake fluid and sludge buildup and extend the lifespan of your brakes.

Symptoms Your Brakes May Be Failing

Regardless of make and model of your vehicle, the signs of a failing brake system are fairly standard. Some common symptoms include:

Squealing and grinding

Perhaps the most obvious signs your brakes need attention is when they squeal as you press the pedal. Causes may include bad brake pads or dirt buildup.

Stuttering or chattering

If the problem lies with your anti-lock or traction control sensors, you may notice that your brakes “chatter” when you press or let off the pedal.

Squishy pedal

If you notice that your brake pedal pushes down too quickly or does not seem to have any pressure behind it, this is a sign that you have low brake fluid levels. Unfortunately, if this develops suddenly, this is a good sign you have a leak somewhere in your brake fluid system.

Brake fade

One of the more dangerous signs of failing brakes is when your braking distances increase. This can be a sign that your brake pads are worn or it can be indicative of your brakes overheating. Whatever the cause, if you notice your braking distance increasing, bring your vehicle to a licensed mechanic as soon as possible.

Where to Go for Brake Replacement in Boca Raton, FL

Brake pads are meant to last quite a while but unfortunately, Mercedes Brake Repairsomething so crucial and well-used in your vehicle can’t last forever. While the exact lifespan of your brakes depends on several factors such as make and model of both your vehicle and your brakes and your driving habits, eventually, they will need to be replaced. The same holds true for vehicles not driven as much. If you call Boca Raton a vacation home or second residence, a home watch service can start and drive your vehicle to help keep it running smoothly.

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